"Run, don’t walk, to Rumspringa, a dark comedy by writer/director Peter Zinn and featuring exceptional performances by Jim Boerlin, C.S. Drury, Kirsty Meares, and breakout star Mickey Sumner."

- Camilla Moshayedi, HARPER'S BAZAAR


"Peter Zinn wrote and directed this engrossing and often funny, well staged piece. The four cast members were all stand outs and memorable, including the very good Jim Boerlin, C.S. Drury, Kirsty Meares, and Mickey Sumner—the latter a breakout actress not to be missed."

- Roger Friedman, The Hollywood Reporter

"Jim Boerlin is sensitive and vulnerable as a man who wants to recapture a time when he felt joy and spontaneity, and C.S. Drury is kinetic as his mentor who attempts to show him the way.  Both men anchor the play with honest, expert depictions, and the supporting cast is equally good.  The sensitivity and genuine emotion in Rumspringa make for an enjoyable, yet affecting evening of theater."

-Andrew Gilchrist, New York Television


"The trio spend the wintry night comically indulging in drugs, sex and frozen corn, but their hedonistic outing eventually has tragic repercussions."

-Frank Scheck, New York Post