Rumspringa is a rite of passage for many Amish teens describing a period where they temporarily break away from the church and it’s teachings to see what life is like “on the outside” of the Amish culture. Periodically “Rumspringa” gatherings occur in cornfields at night where Amish (and non-Amish) adolescents congregate. At these gatherings, many of the Amish teens wear “English” clothing, drink alcohol, and some participate in illicit drug use. The idea of such gatherings was the inspiration behind the new Off-Broadway play, “Rumspringa".


On a cold December night, 57 year old married software executive, Steve meets 28 year old surfer, Brandon on Southwest flight 1049 from LAX to Chicago. Brandon is on his way to visit a love interest, Cecily, an expatriate riverboat casino blackjack dealer living in Joliet, Illinois. Meanwhile, an ominous rave party is percolating in a nearby Indiana cornfield - organized by a large group of rebellious Amish teenagers. These events set the stage for "Rumspringa", a dark comedy that explores the temptation in all of us to see what it's like on the outside of our own lives - and what can be gained or lost through such an exploration.


“Rumspringa” was workshopped in Chicago at Victory Gardens Theatre and at HB Studio in New York City. In October, 2008 it was performed in the public reading series at the Geraldine Page Salon in Chelsea. The play begins Off-Broadway previews on January 29, 2009 at the Bleecker Street Theatre and opens on February 11, 2009.